Antico Approdo

holiday home


Gandria is close to Monte Bré, on the shore of Lake Lugano.


The Antico Approdo apartment is situated in this breathtaking landscape. 


A stone’s throw from the Italian border, Gandria was famous for smugglers who traded rice, coffee, salt and tobacco. Now, Gandria is a peaceful village where the citizens work for the most part in Lugano and enjoy the lake during their free time both for leisure and as an alternative means of transportation.


Gandria is known for its meandering streets, most of them with archways, not forgetting the numerous stairways and the enclosed courtyards.


Gandria is an authentic and well-maintained village and care has been taken to protect the original characteristics of the historical buildings, the paved streets and the overhanging gardens.

options & rates :

depending on the season, we can propose : 

per month

  Chf 1'900.-

per week

Chf 1'000.-

per night

Chf 100.-

holiday home

piazza Lucchini 5, 6978 Gandria