Gandria is well situated in the beautiful shore of lake Lugano


At less than 5 km from Lugano and 2 km from Valsolda, Gandria is the last Swiss village before the Italian border. 


Transportation between the village and the city of Lugano is either by boat, (the gangway is adjacent to the Antico Approdo), or by bus that leaves from Gandria's main square. 


You can also walk to Lugano along the Ceresio Lake on a pleasant path with magnificent points of view of the lake and mountains. Silence and peacefulness best define this path that immerses you into the Mediterranean fragrances.


This path is also ideal for joggers and people who practice Nordic walking.


You can also leave directly from Gandria, and visit Monté Bré, Italy, the Cantine di Gandria or different other villages along the lake (Morcorte, etc.).